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The Discover the Other Side campaign entices interstate and New Zealand workers to move to Western Australia and work in our hospitality and tourism industries.

The campaign launched in September 2022 on paid, earned, and owned channels in interstate and New Zealand markets and is expected to run until the end of February 2023.

Hospitality and tourism businesses are encouraged to get the most out of the campaign by advertising vacancies on the free portal.


Discover the Other Side raises awareness of job opportunities within our thriving hospitality and tourism industries. It also includes migration information and advice.

The campaign focuses on the work and lifestyle opportunities available in WA. With the incredible beaches, warmer weather and laid-back nature of the State, it presents our audience with an alluring alternative to their current situation. Discover the Other Side showcases jobs in high-demand in three recognisable Western Australian locations.


The campaign targets 18-35 year olds seeking travel opportunities, adventure and a change of lifestyle from other Australian states and territories, as well as New Zealand. The target audience is segmented into two groups: unskilled workers looking for a working holiday; and those seeking career progression in the skilled workforce.

Discover the Other Side specifically targets workers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and New Zealand.

Creative Idea

We showcase the exciting experiences on offer in WA by suggesting they ‘discover the other side’, the side they never see, the side they may not even know exists. With our vibrant nightlife, unique culture and diverse hospitality scene, there’s so much more to WA.

It's time to discover the other side

The creative assets show hospitality workers stepping through a ‘portal’ to the other side of WA – walking seamlessly from a picturesque spot to a unique, cutting-edge hospitality venue to match.

Call to Action

The campaign will drive workers to the dedicated tourism and hospitality website  to find job opportunities. Tourism and hospitality employers are encouraged to load their jobs onto the free portal.


Below are some campaign assets for you use. Please share them through your channels and encourage tourism and hospitality businesses to register their job vacancies for free, or encourage job seeker applicants to apply for one of the many jobs.

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