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Looking to get hella fit while making bank and having fun at work?


Peddle is a rickshaw taxi service in the city. We are looking for rickshaw riders to help us bring give fun experiences to revellers in the city 7pm – 3am Friday and Saturday nights.


You don’t have to be fit, you don’t have to know anything about Perth, you don’t need need to have any experience.


This job ticks a lot of boxes, you can make an incredibly good hourly rate, plus it’s actually fun.


Peddle is looking for people with a good work ethic and a fun personality to join our team. We’ve got 4 positions open.


There’s exciting things happening at Peddle, we’re just about to launch our Uber style app and about to be featured on Channel 10.


Benefits of working at Peddle:


– Working with a clear and exciting purpose of making Perth a better place.

– $30 wage for tours, up to $80 hour on our taxi rides (after commission). You can typically take home between $600 – $1000 working Friday & Saturday.

– Develop invaluable skills, some you’ll use for the rest of your life such as: social skills, sales, leadership, fitness and strong legs.

– You’ll learn about Perth, be proud of Perth, know its history and all the best spots for a drink!




Who We Are


Peddle was started in 2017 in a small garage in North Perth, with a fleet of five bikes, going out every Friday and Saturday night to bring some fun to the City of Perth and live by our mantra “more fun than your destination”. In the early days it was realised that this is much more than just a great way to earn some money, but that our workplace also offers our riders opportunities to grow substantially as people through improved fitness, sales skills, social skills & adopting responsibility.


We have a culture of self development and pushing each other to be our best selves so if your interested in personal growth through taking action we’d love to have you! We have a beautiful warehouse in Beaufort Street close to the CBD.




To make Perth a more exciting place. You’ve heard it 1000 times before “Perth is boring”. When you work for Peddle, you have the opportunity to change this reputation and bring a lot of fun into the place we call home. You’ll get to do this by showing people a great time on a rickshaw ride which are unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else and are regularly described as “the best part of my night.”


To inspire and empower our workers who are typically younger people in the 18-27 range. We want to give them skills that they can use for the rest of their lives, put them in positions of leadership, surround them with an awesome community of like minded individuals and watch them grow.

Now here’s some specifics about the job:




Taking people on Rickshaw Taxi Rides throughout the City, and helping run hilarious and fun tours such as our Bar Tours

Be happy to work as part of a fun and tightly-knit team with a culture of self development!

Having pre workout at 8pm on a Saturday night

Talking about the funny stories that happen every night

Meeting lots of people and having just as much fun as you would have on a night out

Commit to these working hours: Fridays and Saturdays, working between the timeframe of 7pm and 2am Please note that we’re very flexible with rostering and you can book days off


What are we looking for in a rider?


Honest communication.


Someone who’s trustworthy and dependable.

A driven and self motivated person.

People who are leaders or are interested in developing into leaders.

Good physical fitness is obviously an advantage, but baseline will be fine as well, you can work your way up!

Sales skills may come in handy but aren’t essential, we’re in the business of selling fun to people so different rules apply

Due to the nature of our work hours, you’re required to have a license and a car to get to and from work OR live close to the Perth CBD.

You can check out our Instagram (@peddleperth) if you’d like to see some more pictures of us in action and the adventures we get up to.


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