Beautiful Humans

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This position has now been filled

This job isn’t for specifically Bartenders of Waitstaff! 🙂


If you are a Bartender or Waitstaff then please feel free to apply.


If you’re a career changer looking for the next challenge in life then also please feel free to apply.


What we’re looking for is beautiful humans, we don’t care if your English isn’t that good, we don’t care if you’re a little older and looking for the next step in life, in fact we value your life skills.


What do we care about? We care if you’re good humans with wonderful personalities.


We train staff all the time, we’re known by everyone for how well we train staff.


We’d like to find humans with great personalities that want to work with us and we’ll teach you all about hospitality as we go along working hard together and smiling and laughing whilst we do it.


If you’re a good human, with a great personality why don’t you come along and see if you’ll fit in with us?


This job is for Humans based in Perth Western Australia with a right to work.