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Western Australia is famous for its world-class vineyards, fresh local produce, and unique landscapes. And our tourism and hospitality sector is thriving because of it.

There are endless opportunities waiting for you in Western Australia. Whether you’re looking to start your career, build your skills further or simply after a change – discover the other side, as WA serves up something special. Because an exciting job is only the beginning in WA.

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A cosmopolitan city with raw natural beauty
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South West

Where adventure meets indulgence
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Coral Coast

Wildlife, wilderness and Ningaloo Reef
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Golden Outback

Wildlife and wildflowers to characters and curiosities
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North West

One of Earth’s last true wilderness areas
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You’ll be spoilt for choice with a diverse range of roles that suit your interests.

By choosing a career in WA, you’ll meet people from all walks of life and from across the world. Then when you clock off, you can explore WA’s extraordinary experiences or enjoy our relaxed, laidback lifestyle. Watch the videos below to find out more about what the WA tourism and hospitality industry can offer you.

Explore our fresh produce as a chef like Emily

Work with local artisans and growers to source fresh local produce from across the state. Choose from a range of kitchens across fine-dining restaurants and world-class wineries, boutique breweries, distilleries and cafes.

“We’re making everything in-house… it comes all the way through into the kitchen and into the bar.”

– Emily Jones, Head Chef at Republic of Fremantle

Work in a brewery by the water like Alexis

Follow the sun like Working Holiday Maker Alexis from France, and work and travel across Western Australia. Take advantage of Perth’s beautiful summers, then explore the regions across the seasons in an industry that can take you anywhere.

“Western Australia is so nice. You can work wherever you want, we have a lot of job opportunities now.”

– Alexis Mazroui, Bartender at Gage Roads Brewing Company

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