Matagarup Zip+Climb

Matagarup Zip+Climb is a family adventure precinct on the Burswood Peninsula – located on and around the Matagarup Bridge. Matagarup is the name of the land at the eastern end of Perth where the Swan River once became very shallow at times, and provided the only way across the Derbal Yerrigan for miles and miles for Noongar folks, and now home to Perth’s Premier Adventure Tourism Activity.

Climb the iconic Matagarup Bridge, 314-steps up the bridge’s main arch to the Sky-View platform, 72 meters about the Swan River then zip-line back to home base travelling at up to 75km/hr.

Matagarup Bridge was not originally built for people to climb. This is no walk up a bridge – this is a true climb. You will be required to trek up 314-steps on a 45-degree angle and shimmy, slide and squeeze past beams to reach the SkyView Deck – an open-air viewing platform 72 meters above the river.