Varnish on King

Varnish’s interior pays its respect to the nouveau dive bars of the States, but throws a sly nod to Perth’s own history with sepia-toned images of the neighbourhood’s yesteryear lining the walls. Bottle upon bottle of Kentucky bourbons and American whiskeys line the shelves behind the bar, rivalling what anyone else in Perth has done previously.

Varnish on King doesn’t play by the rules, offering a number of innovative perks for their customers, such as the ‘Bacon & Whiskey flight’ where four different style of Whiskey are paired up to four different style of bacon… yep – it’s a thing! The venue also boasts a charming wine list, a list that is largely instinctive and changes frequently on a whim.

Varnish on King also offers innovative food, with a fusion of American classics with an Australian twist.