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These courses can help you start your career within the Hospitality and Tourism Industry and are available at a variety of different education institutions across Western Australia.

Kitchen Courses available (click for more info)

Commercial Skill Set

This is an entry level course, which focuses on how to use kitchen equipment safely, and how to clean food preparation areas, storage areas. If you are interested in this course as a gateway to working in a kitchen environment, there are a number of places you can complete the course:

Infection control Skill Set (Food Handling)

A set of skills to follow organisational infection prevention and control policies and procedures, including implementing standard and transmission-based precautions and responding to infection risks in organisations that include food handling in their operations.

Food Safety Awareness

A short food hygiene course for people looking to enter the hospitality industry. Skills you will learn in this course include:

  • Commonwealth, and state food safety laws, standards and codes
  • How to identify food hazards
  • How to report personal health
  • How to prevent food and cross contamination

Certificate II in Kitchen Operations

This qualification reflects the role of individuals working in kitchens who use a defined and limited range of food preparation and cookery skills to prepare food and menu items. They are involved in mainly routine and repetitive tasks and work under direct supervision.

Certificate II in Baking (Pre-apprenticeship)

A certificate for people interested in starting an apprenticeship in baking, but don’t know where to start.

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
Certificate III in Baking
Certificate III in Bread Baking
Certificate III in Cake and Pastry
Certificate III in Patisserie
Certificate IV in Patisserie

These courses are more in-depth formal training used to develop your knowledge and career further.

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