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These courses can help you start your career within the Hospitality and Tourism Industry and are available at a variety of different education institutions across Western Australia.

Accommodation Courses available (click for more info)

Front of Hose and Porter Services Skill Set

For those interested in starting within the Hotel and Tourism part of the industry, we recommend you consider the Front of House and Porter Services Skill Set.

Customer Service Skill Set

This course is designed as an introduction to gain the necessary skills in a customer facing role.

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Diploma of Hospitality Management

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

These courses are more in-depth formal training used to develop your knowledge and career

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management ECU

This university course focuses on industry standard policies, technologies and teaches students an international and cultural perspectives needed to fuel your development in the tourism and hospitality spaces further. For more information or any specific questions regarding the course, click here

Already studying or enrolled for an undergraduate in WA? Check out these units you can add to your course to help with your career in hospitality and tourism!

Masters of International Hospitality Management ECU

Interested in doing a post-graduate course, and have the opportunity to work and learn technical skills, click here for more information or any specific questions regarding the course

Other study options available


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