Meet Outback Flavour Creator, Toby Fisher

February 14, 2024

Meet Toby – the travelling chef from South London, who’s made his mark working in Michelin restaurants across Europe, and now calls Western Australia’s Coral Coast home. Nestled in the Gulf of Exmouth on a quarter of a million acres, Toby is the Head Chef at Bullara Station – a working outback cattle station, which has become a haven for adventurous travellers, seeking an outback experience.

After 16 years living in France, Toby and his wife Maree decided to pack up their life and relocate to a remote part of Australia, in the pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle (and we’re glad they did!). Toby is Michelin-mastermind behind The Table, which offers guests a culinary story telling experience, guiding their tastebuds through the rich history of the station. To round out the experience on a sweet note, Maree is a passionate pastry chef and together, the two chefs are reimaging outback dining.

“It’s a real family-feel. Everyone chips in where they have to. It’s a really unique place to work.” – Toby Fisher, Head Chef at Bullara Station; The Table, Exmouth

Chefs and cooks are in high demand across WA, including at iconic tourism locations such as Australia’s Coral Coast Region.

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