Angel Falls Grill

Angel Falls Grill was born with the desire to offer the best Venezuelan and Latin Steakhouse experience in Perth.


Owner and cofounder Sergio Yibrin migrated to Australia in 2013. The entrepreneur started selling Venezuelan food in local markets, aspiring to share their culture and traditional flavours with Perth locals. After a few years of learning the local traditions, he knew the city was ready for a larger range of delicious and exotic Venezuelan cuisine. Therefore, he decided it was time to pursue his bigger dream and open a restaurant: Angel Falls Grill.


Angel Fall Grills offers a modern concept fusing the best of the Venezuelan gastronomy, creating delicious and authentic recipes within a fun and unique Latin experience. Ever since, the team has been creating unique and mesmerizing dishes, allowing people to experience everything the Venezuelan cuisine has to offer.


Welcome to Angel Falls Grill, we are Perth’s only Venezuelan restaurant conveniently located in the heart of the city, tucked away in Shafto Lane, open for lunch and dinner till late.


The Angel Falls Grill experience is based on authentic and unique Venezuelan food that will delight your senses. Our mouth-watering menu ranges from exquisite cuts of tender meats, slowly smoked and caramelised steaks cooked on our sizzling grill or parrilla, to exotic gluten free corn-based dishes such as arepas, cachapas, or empanadas. To enjoy all the flavours that Venezuelan food has to offer, and to indulge in some of the best steaks in Perth, make a reservation at our steakhouse in the city today!
To bring the Venezuelan culture, its traditions and unique flavours to Australia, and create a community of raving fans who love its food, beauty and charm.
A modern concept fusing the best of the Venezuelan gastronomy, creating delicious and authentic recipes within a fun and unique atmosphere.
Being recognized for being the ambassadors of the Venezuelan culture, offering the most authentic and best Latin experience in Australia.
We love everything we do and we want to make sure everyone knows it. We work tirelessly every day, hoping people learn and love our food and culture as much as we do. We’re optimistic and we’re not afraid of taking big risks.


We care about our people, partners, suppliers and customers. We take care of everything, from the smallest detail to the biggest issue, with the same effort and dedication. The moment we stop caring is the moment we start failing.


We are proud of our culture, history food and traditions. We admire our people and celebrate their lives and achievements like they are our own.


We are one family. We work with good vibes and a shared willingness to succeed. We respect each other, nobody is too high or too low to deal with any given situation.


We work daily to provide an amazing and unique experience to every person who comes into Angel Falls Grill. We are likeable, charming and fun people, where good vibes prevail and good times last forever.
Amigo, you’ll fall in love with our charm, that’s guaranteed. As the only & First Venezuelan restaurant in Perth, Angel Falls Grill has a true and unique point of difference.


Our DNA is 100% Criollo. For the majority of people, Venezuelan food will offer totally new and exciting 360 experience!


Experimenting with our culture and cuisine to provide the greatest dishes. Venezuelan food, steaks and rums are the perfect match for the Australian palate and lifestyle.


We choose the best, for the best. Our whole menu is 100% Gluten Free by nature! Therefore, no cross-contamination occurs and you get a full exciting menu to choose from!


For us, the sky is not the limit, we aim even higher.





Listed February 14, 2024

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