Oakover Grounds was established in the Swan Valley in the 1830’s with the first grapes being planted in the 1850’s by Samuel Moore. Several vineyards in the Swan Valley were established on some of the first ribbon grants of the land in the state. The original ribbon on which the winery now sits was known as the Oakover allocation so when the third generation farmers, the Yukich family, purchased the property from Houghton’s in 1989 on the old Oakover grant, they looked to the pioneering spirit of the past to name the winery.

The cellar door was opened in 2000 and the restaurant opened two years after in 2002, offering a formal dining option in the Swan Valley. In 2014 the venue went through complete refurbishment with the change to the industrial style barn that it is today, utilising the same building and the same amazing views across the lake and grounds.

With a few new family friendly additions, Oakover Grounds became more than just a great Swan Valley restaurant. It became the home of Oakover Wines and FiORi Coffee.

With our wide open space and diversity of offerings with food, coffee, gourmet provedore adds to the beauty and appeal of Oakover Grounds