Footprint Cleaning

Serving Broome and the Kimberley Since 2016

Founded on the values of:

Trust – having the confidence to be able to rely on the integrity, ability and actions of others, and abandon control over the actions performed by others, instead focusing on developing expectations.

Respect – accepting differences and holding in high esteem and worthiness others’ excellence as a manifestation of their quality or ability.

Family – ensuring our primary social groups remain a priority, and meeting their needs through flexible methods.

Community – listening, participating and contributing to our wider social groups and enjoying common interests.

Environment – minimising our current and future impact on natural ecology, supporting conservation and appreciating the beauty of the wild outdoors.

Fair exchange – determining the form of equitable reward for services given, to empower win-win-win scenarios.

Empower – promoting and supporting success in every person we interact with.
Our mission is to be the commercial cleaning company of choice for both clients and employees.

We are sought after for our energetic, proactive, rewarding, organised and friendly team of staff.

Dedicated to getting our hands dirty, and committed to using however much elbow grease it takes, we are serious about delivering outstanding results that are worth talking about.

As a strategic goal, we aim to gain, maintain and continually improve upon long term contracts with key organisations in towns and communities of Northern Australia.

The Footprint Cleaning mission is to create lasting impressions through quality cleaning services and professional management.

Our Staff
Trained, Hardworking Professionals

Our staff are trained in all relevant safety and health matters, and additional subjects wherever possible to maintain a standard equal to or better than industry best practice. One of our staff outcomes is to “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” (Richard Branson).

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