Heyder and Shears

Heyder and Shears

East Perth WA, Australia

Operating in Perth for over 30 years, Heyder & Shears Catering have earned an outstanding reputation as a high profile provider of catering and event management services in the Western Australian marketplace. 


Heyder & Shears curates bespoke catering and event design to meet the individual needs of their clients. In so doing, we pride ourselves on using the excellent produce and panoramas that are Western Australia.


Under the direction of Executive Chef Stephen Watson, the Heyder & Shears kitchen constantly evolves and innovates to produce menus to suit our clients varied requirements. Excellence is at the forefront of everything that comes out of our kitchen, and excellence is our driving value that we strive for every day.


Heyder & Shears is committed to exquisite food and impeccable service.