Northampton Motor Hotel

Northampton Motor Hotel; AKA ‘The Middle Pub”.

The “Middle” is a family friendly Hotel/Tavern, located on the main drag travelling North to many of the top Tourist Destinations in Australia.

The Hotel has the repuation as being “The Hub” amongst these Top Spot destinations:  Kalbarri is within our Shire borders, Sharks Bay, Coral Bay, Exmouth.  This Hotel supplies Tourists a comfortable place to put their feet up, have a great quality meal, and rest before arriving to their final desination.

We have great Locals supporting us, and is one of the friendliest and safest areas I myself have ever had the experience of residing in.  My name is Bernie Best, I am the sole owner of the Hotel, and in my six years of being so.  We have had the same Head Chef here pretty much the whole time, and due to family issues, Karen house found herself having to throw the towel in so-to-speak, and I am seeking an immediate start from someone who would please help to keep the consistency of our meals to the level they are now.  We are collecting alot of nominations for awards these past few months, I have put my heart and sole within these walls, and hoping there is a person who would like to join our team, even if temporary, hopefully becoming permanent.

Free accommodation, will have your own living quarters going out onto a balcony, and generous benefits are always apart of my package, as staff are the only reason to be open when it comes down to running a busy Hotel.  I’m not greedy, All the food orderred for preparartion is top quality, down to the $38 p/kg Black Angus and New Zealand Oysters, fresh Red Spot Emperor.

Hope to hear from you very soon