Shire of Harvey

Shire of Harvey

102 Uduc Road, Harvey WA, Australia

Our vision
Together, towards an even better lifestyle.

Our values
We value:

  • Effective stewardship of our environment and heritage;
  • A safe community that has a strong community spirit and sense of belonging;
  • Effective communication and cooperation;
  • Strong leaders and fair decisions; and
  • Our heritage – acknowledging our history in creating our future.

We are committed to being an inclusive, enterprising and engaging community that:

  • Actively works together and respects each other;
  • Acts with honesty, integrity and fairness; and
  • Is open minded, approachable, tolerant and responsive.

Strategic directions
Diverse Economy: A diversified and thriving economy that offers a wide range of business and work opportunities as well as consumer choice.
Connected Communities: A safe, accessible and connected community where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and belong.
Protected Natural Environment: A natural environment that is highly valued, protected and enjoyed.
Sustainable Built Environment: A liveable, sustainable and well-designed built environment that is accessible to all.
Effective Civic Leadership: A representative leadership that is future thinking, transparent and accountable.