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Apart from being free for employers, the website is specifically designed to fill widespread vacancies in WA’s hospitality and tourism industry. This purpose-built platform has been created to grow the pool of hospitality and tourism workers, rather than to shuffle existing workers in the industry The site also offers job seekers training, visa support, seasonal opportunities and information on regional destinations. 

Once populated with jobs, the website will be promoted to potential jobseekers overseas and throughout Australia in early June. Primary audiences will include working holiday makers, international students, and others likely to take up employment opportunities in WA.

WA has a shortage of labour within our businesses. The tourism and hospitality industry is in desperate need of skilled and semi-skilled labour. Therefore, we need more people with the necessary skills and desire to come and work in the industry, rather than circulating staff across venues.

We are not looking to displace local jobseekers but grow the pool of available workers in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Yes, westernaustralia.jobs is free for any employers in the tourism and hospitality industry. Businesses that do not operate within the hospitality and tourism industry will not be approved to list their jobs.

Do I have to be a member of the AHA WA or have accreditation or membership with other WA tourism industry associations to advertise my job?

No, whilst highly recommended, you do not have to have industry accreditations or membership to advertise.

All job advertisements will be approved by the by the  westernaustralia.jobs team prior to listing.

Yes, you can. Once you create an account you will be prompted to create a company, then a job listing. You can create multiple companies and can allocate each job listing to a company of your choice. Companies and job listings can be updated any time from the Employer Dashboard. 

Jobs are listed by newest to oldest by default.

At this stage, no. Featured listings will be randomised. When a paid feature becomes available, employers will be notified.

Yes, employers are encouraged to include a logo (300 x 300px) and a venue image (2000 x 450px). Please ensure the photo is relevant to the job vacancy.

Yes, you can edit listings at any time in your employer dashboard, noting that any changes will need to be approved and your job listing will not be live straight away.

Yes, in your employer dashboard you can mark the job as ‘filled’ and then later mark it as ‘not filled’ to restore the listing. This is particularly helpful for positions that you regularly need to advertise.

Job listings expire after 60 days, you will receive a notification 7 days prior and you can duplicate your listing and report it at this point. You can also have jobs automatically expire at a certain date.

If you have multiple vacancies for the same position eg. Food and Beverage Attendants, yes you can. However, please don’t put multiple positions (eg. Bar Manager, Bar and Kitchen-hand staff) in one listing. Instead, create one listing for each position. This also helps populate the site, showing potential job seekers the many opportunities that exist in WA’s hospitality and tourism industry.

Once you have created a job listing, it will save your employer information. If you are creating another similar job listing, you can duplicate existing listings from your dashboard and publish again.

Please note, duplicate listings that look like the same jobs will not be approved.

All employers and listings need to be approved by the AHA WA westernaustralia.jobs team to ensure that they are genuine tourism and hospitality vacancies. We endeavour to approve job listings within 1 business day, with employers receiving an email notification once their job listing has been approved.

If it has been a few days and your listing has not been approved, please email [email protected]. If your listing has not met the parameters for approval, you will be contacted directly to explain why.

You can identify a preferred email to receive job applications, or a link to your recruitment site. Your employer dashboard also allows you to review and rate applications in the one place.

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westernaustralia.jobs is a joint initiative from Tourism WA and the Australian Hotels Association (WA).

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