Eco Abrolhos Cruises

Eco Abrolhos operates 5 day cruises to the Abrolhos Islands during Feb – April.

Snorkelling, fishing, cray-fishing, bird watching, island walks and shipwreck tours. Just to name a few of the things we do!

During the winter period May – Sept, the Eco Abrolhos relocates to the Kimberley and conducts 14 day live aboard cruises.

During this cruise we experience the “must see’s” of the Kimberley, fishing, crabbing and wallowing at the bottom of a waterfall!

After winter we head back to the Abrolhos Islands from Sept – Nov to witness the marvel of the bird nesting and whale migration season. 

We don’t work in these locations long enough for you to get tired of them and expect to work throughout an extended tourist season here on the West Coast with some nice breaks in between cruise changes.