Why a job in WA tourism and hospitality

Where adventure is always part of the job description and the opportunities are as vast as our sun-kissed State.

These are just some of the benefits and reasons to choose a job in tourism and hospitality:

  • With flexible hours, you’ll find something that fits your Summer plans.
  • Work with your mates and make new ones.
  • No two days are the same, say bye-bye to boring!
  • Bosses look for attitude > experience.
  • A chance to brush up on your knowledge – become a foodie, a wine snob, or local WA influencer.
  • With ‘hospo rates’ you’ll be happy for it to be ‘your shout’.
  • A job that fits in your carry-on, go anywhere in the world! 

And of course, it’s all about opening new doors, meeting new people and making local contacts — you never know what adventures you’ll get into!

While you don’t need to have experience, depending on which Hospitality or Tourism business you work for, you might need a Responsible Service of Alcohol (or RSA) certificate.

We're giving away a limited number of FREE RSA's to those that register through the below link.


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